One of the fastest growing and most widely sought after fields in the United States is Transcription.
Transcription Services can be defined as the service provided by a company for the conversion of speech into a documented file or a written form. The speech that would be transcribed can either be live or be pre-recorded. This form of service is widely used to handle confidential and official voice-based data of a company.

The voice-based data comes in various types of file formats such as QuickTime, AVI, MP4, MP2, WAV, WMA, in Audio CD’s, DVD’s & podcasts. In order to transcribe the data from the file, different types of transcription software are being used for the transcription service. NCH software, Nuance, Vocapia and Winscribe are some of the leading manufacturers of transcription software.

Numerous transcriptionists, voice experts, proofreaders, quality analysts and editors are utilized for providing accurate and fast processing of transcription data for clients. In most cases, deadlines have to be maintained in transcribing data, which requires absolute efficiency and accuracy on behalf of the provider. Transcription can be of diverse types such as general, corporate, legal, financial, medical or academic.

Financial transcription is done for clients from assorted fields and professions like building societies, merchant banks, accountants, financial portals, business schools and financial institutions. This service has its usage in business meetings, annual meetings and various training sessions. Transcription services are also used to transcribe regular activities, such as talks, seminars and press conferences of any organization. Analytics such as surveys, focus groups, financial reports and company reports are transcribed on a wider level.

Legal transcription is also an equally demanding form of transcription, which requires impeccable and error free work. This transcription involves conversion of voice-based court proceedings, depositions, trials and wire tapes into text documentation. An error in a single word or phrase can affect the direction of any court proceeding; hence, a high level of accuracy has to be compulsorily maintained.

Medical transcription has also come to the forefront because various practices, hospitals and other medical organizations are seeking the help of transcription services in the field of healthcare and medical science.

Any company rendering transcription services has to abide by the demand of high security of sensitive and confidential information provided by the client in order to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. A reputed and trustworthy organization would always ensure optimum security and provide highly efficient services to help companies and organizations reduce the cost of maintaining in-house transcriptionists and other professionals.

Based upon the ongoing demand of Transcription Services in the global economy, this field will continue to attract enthusiastic entrepreneurs to establish and flourish in the business. To know more about transcription related information, visit

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