February 1, leading to the deaths of more than 74 martyrs and wounded two hundred fans, which is a violation of the human right to life the highest and most sacred rights at all.

The Organization confirmed that the Port Said Stadium Sports witnessed a crime full-fledged targeted in the first place Ahly fans Ultras Ahly, who was known for his exploits during the revolution of the twenty-fifth of January and his positions in support of the rebels and standing beside them at the battle of Jamal, prompting suspicions powerful that what happened was in retaliation for Ultras Al-Ahly on political grounds, especially because there was not any way security procedures for the inspection of the public during the entry game by security, as well as the security forces to open the gates in the direction of the masses of Al-Ahly after the game, and not to leave but the door is too small to exit Ultras fans, which led to stampede the public and the death of a large number of them.

The organization pointed out that what happened is in every sense a serious violation of the human right to life and a terrible tragedy claimed the lives of Egypt’s youth, and things more complicated, non-interference by security forces to protect the public from both sides to prevent the shedding of blood of the Egyptians, and especially in light of the escalation of tension over the previous two days between the two sides game on Facebook and social networking sites, and there are some skirmishes occurred in the previous matches and the match-Ahly Club and the Mahalla Mahalla Stadium and the return of Ahli players of armored vehicles.

The group has asked the Egyptian government to download Governor of Port Said political responsibility for these events, and the dismissal of Port Said, director of security not only transferred to the Board of the Ministry as a kind COMPANIES THAT DO TEST ON ANIMALS of calm the public opinion only, and the dismissal of the Union of the ball as symbols of the former regime.

WHO believes that what happened in the Port Said Stadium Sports is a conspiracy against the country’s stability, and must be investigated with all the leaders of the Ministry of Interior and at all levels in what happened and the exclusion of any leadership to prove his involvement in such events, or failure to perform its duty to fully secure the activities of the game, especially that the reports issued by the Forensic Medicine in the initial phase confirms the presence of mortality as a result of gunshot wounds and stab wounds in arms white.

For his part, Hafez Abu Saada President of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, that the failure to prepare enough of the game’s performance is shameful for the police to secure the match, calling for an immediate investigation and urgent in the circumstances of the horrific massacre and declare the results of investigations of public opinion, taking the necessary precautions and to ensure to prevent a repeat of what happened any way to prevent deaths and injuries in any upcoming events.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights said in a statement issued on Thursday expressed its condemnation and severe extreme of the unfortunate events which witnessed civil Port Wednesday,

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