Harry Lorayne is known as the expert in the area of memory training, and he is the author of the excellent program known as “The Harry Lorayne Memory Power Course.” “The Secrets of Mind Power”, was written in 1958 and turned out to be a New York Times top pick. It was mentioned by Bob Dylan as a book he read just before he broke through on the music scene. The powerful procedures from his complete memory course, that are considered his most effective, are included in this course which we’ll be reviewing.

There’s nobody more experienced to teach you about memory than Harry Lorayne. He’s been included in many magazines and has appeared on TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He’s been famous for his achievements in this area since the 1950s. Among his publications, The Memory Book, was on the New York Times Bestseller list for almost a year. An additional skill of Mr. Lorayne is as being a magician. He has been famous for his card tricks and his extraordinary memory. He started performing in Billy Reed’s Little Club as a table magician when he was merely 18 years old. One of his favorite ways of demonstrating his incredible memory was to have everyone in his audience – sometimes as many as 1,500 people – introduce themselves to him before the show. Once the show began, he would have everyone stand and, as he named them correctly, they could then sit down. Nobody was ever left standing! In this extensive training course, the methods and techniques of Mr. Lorayne will be taught to you by the world’a foremost expert in memory.

The amount of information you are going to receive in The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course is unbelievable and will very effectively help you improve your memory. The fact is, for some individuals, it might be even more than you need. The course consists of four CDs or cassettes plus a bonus DVD and, considering how much information is included, the retail price of $149.95 is quite reasonable. If you believe that this course is a lot more than you could ever need to know, do a search for some of the many books he’s written to find what you are looking for. The publications can be found many places, on the web and offline. Amazon features them and in many cases offers used copies and different editions, together with some for the Kindle. The complete memory course, however, is definitely worthwhile for anyone who’s serious about learning as much as possible about this fascinating topic.

Individuals in just about all parts of society have learned the methods Harry Lorayne teaches in order to have better memories. In truth, he has trained the employees of many corporations and had a video course, also, called “Memory Power” that was included in corporate training. The reason for this is the fact that boosting your memory is extremely helpful for anyone in business or sales. When you’ve got the power of always recalling a person’s name – after meeting them only one time – it will greatly enhance your business success and popularity. If you’re able to effortlessly remember phone numbers, email addresses and other information, it’s even better. Will you make use of your mobile phone, iPad, or other technological gadgets to make notes when you’ve just met someone new, or finished with an important meeting? What would you do if, suddenly, that little bit of technology weren’t available? How do you effortlessly remember the most standard things about this important person you just met?

In just about any area of your life that you are thinking about improving yourself, you will find books and information in the self-help section of your bookstore or online. Sadly, a lot of this information doesn’t specifically relate to how to train your memory. Out of these, only a few were developed by internationally prominent experts on the level of Harry Lorayne. Perhaps not everybody needs a program like The Harry Lorayne Memory Power Course. Nevertheless, if you wish to give yourself an edge in business by easily remembering someone’s personal data, you will definitely benefit by purchasing this powerful course.

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