The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course is a training program created by one of the worlds best known memory experts. Harry Lorayne has developed numerous books on the topic of enhancing your memory and many of these have become classics and bestsellers. Our focus in the following assessment is to provide you with information that will explain to you the powerful methods Mr. Lorayne teaches in his Complete Memory Course.

You could search long and hard, but you wont find anyone who has better qualifications for teaching you about memory than Harry Lorayne. A frequent invitee on numerous television shows, he appeared with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show twenty-three times. Actor Victor Jory, who went to Loraynes magic concerts, was a key player in changing the way Lorayne performed. For a period, beginning in 1951, he enjoyed his own television show, and began appearing on national television in 1963. Certainly one of his timeless classics, which had been on the NY Times Bestseller list, is called “The Memory Book” and is available on Amazon and at popular bookstores. Also, he boasts a great reputation as a magician, whose area of expertise is card tricks. Hes presented many amazing presentations, such as hearing the names of hundreds of audience participants and then being able to remember each one perfectly. If you want to enjoy a phenomenal memory – and who doesnt? – you will be taught the techniques used by Harry Lorayne when you take his extraordinary course, The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course.

The volume of information you will receive in The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course is astonishing and will very effectively help you improve your memory. Many people who have reaped benefits from this training program were overwhelmed at the scope of the materials use – much more information than they needed. This all-encompassing program is comprised of four (4) compact discs or audio cassettes and a bonus DVD that teaches you all about Remembering Name, all for the low price of $149.95. This is an incredible price taking into account the amount of information and training you will receive. Also, additionally, you receive a bonus DVD labeled How to Remember Numbers and another CD or audio cassette called The Memory Makes Millionaires. If you think that this program is far more than you could ever need to know, do a search for some of the many books hes written to find what you are looking for. You could also save some money by finding an used copy of the book that you are interested in or, perhaps, the paperback version. On Amazon, you may even get some of his books for your Kindle. You will not be sorry for buying the full course, however, for those who are seriously interested in knowing everything you can about how to have the best memory possible.

Harry Lorayne trained many individuals and is also responsible for the education of corporate staff members, using his video course, “Memory Power” as part of that training program. Business executives, along with businessmen and women, have long acknowledged how important a good memory is, especially for someone engaged in sales. When you have the capability of always recollecting a persons name – after meeting them only one time – it will greatly enhance your business success and popularity. If you can simply remember contact numbers, email addresses and other information, its even better. Men and women these days may think they can rely on technology to remember everything, but most of us still frequently find ourselves in situations where we dont have a chance to write something down or type the info into our smart phones.

In nearly any area of your life that you are actually thinking about improving yourself, you will find books and information in the self-help section of your bookstore or online. Sadly, most of this information doesnt specifically pertain to how to train your memory. Even if you do find a small sampling of courses on memory training, they usually arent written by someone who has the skills, background, and success with memory training as Harry Lorayne does. The Harry Lorayne Memory Power training course is not for everybody, but its unquestionably worth purchasing if youre seriously interested in making significant improvements in your ability to remember names, numbers and other important information.

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