Compare printer or Drucker Vergleich. A printer is in the information processing a periphery device of a computer to the issue there associated with stored data like text messages, signs, figures, graphics, pictures, to diagrammes etc. on a company medium like paper or transparent foils.

Printers are often used as local devices of a computer. Drucker Vergleich by connection: In addition they are connected about a printer cable, newer printers around USB. Sucked. Network printers are connected on networks, often by means of LAN, WLAN or Ethernet, are available to many users at the same time. Contemporary printers dispose of integrated connects to electronic media like memory maps, digital cameras etc. and can process their picture off-line, more by the Drucker Vergleich.

The process of the printing is called printing, it makes sense called print, or hard copy result called or even also specifically with reference to the actual provided documents with list, calculations, bank statements.

Also photo photocopiers are printers in another sense: With them an effigy is generated by scanning and this is printed afterwards in exactly the same device. Modern photocopiers can be also used, in addition, as a printer, read more by Drucker Vergleich. So-called multi function devices work as a scanner, inkjet printer, fax machine and off-line copier. Printers can be divided according to numerous criteria; this tend to be, for example, a contact intensity towards the pressure medium: Impact printer: For example, needle printers, daisy steering wheel printers, ball head printers and drum printers count into it. Impact printers can execute in a printing process through use of suitable paper kinds several carbon copies. The volume with the printing process is disadvantageous. Nowadays drum printers are used just in the printer by electric calculating machines. Non Effect printers, examples are an ink ray, thermo printer as well as laser printer.
Or the tiniest printable unity, sign inkjet printer, for example, daisy wheel printer, collection printer, for example, type chain printer, side printer, for instance, laser printer printer user interface, cable-engaged interface. The cable-engaged printer joining was dominated till the The nineteen nineties by the IEEE 1284-standard parallel or Centronics interface with his advancements EPP and ECP which were removed then, however, thoroughly by the Universally Serial trainer (USB) or Ethernet. Till the 1990s the printers oriented to help sign, e.g., daisy steering wheel printer for which the serial connection was enough remained as used. Wireless interface: For the wireless binding Bluetooth, IrDA, WLAN are used.
Colour space: Real colour printing or photo pressure, with few single coloration or monochrome or with special coloration example Risographie or with golden colour or silver colour Ink beam printer, grey steps or only-black,you find all on Drucker Vergleich.

Drucker Vergleich

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