Insurance plans should always be selected after careful evaluation of one’s needs and budget. Some plans to consider are life insurance, business insurance and liability insurance. Let’s take a look at each type to get a better understanding of each and what you need. Life insurance plans should be simple and goal oriented. Some advisors claim that a life insurance policy payout should be five times that of the client’s annual salary. One of the best methods obtaining the best deal when selecting a life insurance policy is by obtaining life insurance quotes. The quote will give you the amount you can afford by calculating what you would pay in monthly premiums. It is smart to consult a professional when deciding the proper amount of life insurance. A life insurance quote will be based on:

a) Annual income
b) Annual saving
c) Amount of debt
d) Cost of living expenses and so on.

Beside getting life insurance quotes from various insurance companies, also check online for different plans and quotes. It is the easiest way to compare different types of policies.

BUSINESS INSURANCE is a broad description that can be broken down into several types of insurance policies. They are:

Property Insurance: This insures against loss or damage to the property of a business and it’s contents. It can also cover the property of others if a loss occurs when in your possession. It can also be for a specific risk such as fire, water, theft, etc.

Liability Insurance: Insures against liability imposed upon a business such as due to negligence. If you are sued for negligence, this is the type that is needed.

Commercial Auto: Personal automobile usually does not cover business vehicles. Therefore you will need a commercial policy to properly insure business vehicles.

Workers Compensation: This insures your employees against on the job injuries. Several options are available depending on the state you live in.

Business Interruption: Insures against loss or damage to the cash flow and profit of a business. This can be caused by a business being unable to operate due to perhaps a piece of equipment that was damaged in a storm.

Health Insurance: This is insurance offered to your workers if the employer provides.

Life and Disability Insurance: Also offered to your workers if desired.

Of the myriad types of insurance policies available, liability insurance is right up there in popularity, primarily because it is less expensive than other insurance. For instance, when it comes to auto insurance policies, liability insurance costs often are distinctly less than full coverage. Full coverage insurance covers for both vehicles involved in the collision, in addition to the medical expenses and property damage due to injuries to you or another party. Liability insurance, on the other hand, is accountable for only the other party’s damages. Though you and your property are not protected under the coverage, liability insurance guards you from your responsibility for other people’s losses.

There are various types of business liability insurance, including general liability that works in the same way as auto liability insurance, but deals with businesses. General liability covers clients from third-party claims. Liability insurance is intended to offer protection against claims by the third party, i.e., payment is not given to the policyholder, but rather to the person suffering the loss and who is not a party to the insurance. Usually, liability insurance policies do not cover contractual liability or damages that are caused deliberately. When a claim for damages is put forward, the insurance carrier can exercise its right to defend its client. Policy limits are reduced by legal costs in many cases, so it pays to have a professional review your policy terms and conditions.

Driscoll Insurance & Financial Services, Inc has been an Insurance Agency for many years and is well versed on life insurance quotes, business insurance and liability insurance. Please call for more information.

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