The SpongeBob games are free games based on a childrens favourite called SpongeBob Squarepants, the cartoon airs on the children’s channel called Nickelodeon and Nick. The cartoon has become so popular that it ranked on top position for an animated show for five years in a row. Each episode is over thirty minutes long. The show was created to entertain kids ages 6-11 but overtime your show has reached out to a far wider audience with adults and parents also locating it entertaining, the show now has over a million viewers tuning inside watch the adventures involving SpongeBob.

The cartoon characters in the show include SpongeBob, he or she is a sponge that lives underwater in the sea, he lives within a town called Bikini Bottom, along with his neighborhood friends, the other sea creatures including a starfish called Patrick who is SpongeBob’s best friend, there’s Squidward, his colleague at the fast-food restaurant Krusty Krab, where SpongeBob is a cook. There’s also a squirrel living in an air bubble under the sea, called Sandy Cheeks. Other characters include Plankton, Mr Krab, Gary and Tentacles. The stories are filled with imagination and highly thrilling. The show is good mistakes the characters make and their escapades. The cartoon characters are generally part of online matches called SpongeBob games.

The SpongeBob games bring the magic in the cartoon show online when kids can also take part in the adventures of SpongeBob. The games are based on different episodes in the fact that player gets to assistance the characters do various action-filled tasks, such as riding bike, bowling, providing burgers and identifying dissimilarities in two almost corresponding pictures. From boat sitting, cleaning the sea water, to helping SpongeBob get pizza, the games are fun-filled and educational as well. There are hundreds of such games based on different categories, some are action packed and some are puzzles. There are adventure games, funny matches, card games, sports and racing games and games influenced by different strategies.

Bob games are also based on a cartoon character called Bob, who is a builder. He and his colleagues and their vehicles work together to renovate and construct and repair different assignments. The underlying theme is of having the ability to resolve conflicts and in believing you’re able to do anything, with every new undertaking Bob asks his team if they can fix this and his coworkers always reply that yes they are able to. The games include puzzles, painting, plumbing, cleaning, gluing different pieces of objects together, designing buildings and making deliveries or anything else.

The SpongeBob games and Bob games are each of those highly entertaining and engaging. The players can dress up their favorite characters with SpongeBob and design together with color different objects within Bob. These games generate learning easy and entertaining. All the dreary tasks seem fun to undertake when done with some sort of beloved character.

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