If you’re like most people, you’re quite attached to your hair and, therefore, any signs of hair loss can be quite distressing. While there are sometimes effective measures you can take to help your hair grow back, it’s always a good idea to learn the cause of your hair loss. If you’ve noticed that your hair has started to slowly thin out, it’s just one of life’s little disturbing aspects of aging or it could be caused by pattern baldness. Accelerated hair loss, moreover, mandates a trip to your health professional to discover the cause.

You might not want to believe that trips to the hair salon might be a reason for hair loss, but there are times when this might be true. Simply put, hair salons help to damage your hair by giving you different hairstyles that can be harmful to your hair. Placing rollers in your hair too tightly or wearing damaging hairstyles can cause a lot of damage to your scalp and cause hair loss. Basically, because it will lead to your scalp getting scarred. Letting the hair salon put hot oil treatments in your hair when you get a perm, will cause your hair follicles to get irritated. So, this too can contribute to hair loss.

If you go to the beauty parlor or hair stylist very often and get your hair colored, or other harsh chemicals are used, this may be rough on your hair in the long run.

Stress can be a big factor in hair loss. This shows up if you have recently been through a terrifying event. You probably don’t handle stress precisely the same way as another person. In some people it can result in physical symptoms – such as muscle tension and hair loss – or even in medical problems. People who have had accidents or surgery often experience stress related hair loss, though in these cases it’s common for the hair to eventually grow back. Has your life had a major upset or has something extremely painful happened to you? An event like this can create sufficient stress to trigger hair loss. While stress may be a factor in hair loss, it’s not usually the main one unless the circumstances are extreme. Nevertheless, it’s still a good plan to practice some type of stress reduction, for your health and the health of your “crowning glory.”

If you are concerned about losing your hair, you better do some research on the medical procedures you are thinking about. A wide variety of prescription drugs can cause or worsen hair loss, including those taken for depression, lowering cholesterol or blood pressure, acne and birth control, just to name a few.

When you are taking a certain medication, and you realize you are losing your hair, talk to your doctor. You shouldn’t start and stop medication without a plan, so never quit taking the drugs without a doctor’s consent. The fact is, however, that hair loss is more often caused by genetic factors, so you shouldn’t assume that a certain medication is causing it unless your doctor can help you verify this. Certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy are well-known for causing hair loss. Generally, the hair will all grow back, as soon as the treatments have been finished in their totality.

It is difficult to stop hair loss once it starts, and that is frustrating to a lot of people. Some people can’t handle not having hair, so they should use laser treatments or hair transplants, effective modern treatments for re-growing hair. There are remedies to think about, but one shouldn’t be decided upon until you know exactly why you are losing your hair.

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