Internet marketers often overlook podcasting. It’s quite possible that people are so enamored with video marketing to the detriment of podcasting. What so many fail to realize is that podcasting is still a viable and effective marketing method. Podcasts have their own unique benefits such as ease of creation, their own highly-trafficked directories, millions of potential listeners, and much more. If you want to make money online you need to develop a devoted audience and having your own podcast can help you do that. If you want to know how to record podcasts for popularity, then keep reading.

Always add your old podcasts to an archive so any new subscribers can take advantage of them. If people start to really like your podcast they will recommend you to others. So just think about all the material in your archives, so new arrivals can listen to them. This is why publishing an archive is important. The thing about it is that your archives will be just one more source that will help you grow your business. There’s really no reason to make poor quality podcasts because just like written content, you want people to like them and find value in them. Most blogging software has built in archiving!

Include different things. Your instinct might be just to talk for ten minutes or so. This is certainly easy to do. But, if you’re not a professional it can become boring for listeners. So what you’ll do is break-up your audio with effects found in your software. One other approach is cleverly using music tracks, however please be sure you have rights to use it. Look for music published under creative commons licensing because that will enable you to use the music, legally. Just think in terms of breaking it all up into good chunks so people will not be bored with it.

Always solicit feedback from those who listen to you. Negative feedback and criticism will always be your friends. Don’t be too worried about what anyone may say because you can improve and increase conversions. The people who listen to you will always appreciate being asked for their ideas for future podcasts. If you have a slightly fragile ego, try to just work through it all and do it. Your listeners will appreciate that you want to know what they will think. Also, if they see something they suggested carried out, then they’ll like that a lot, too. This particular approach is so powerful, plus you’ll be making your marketing even better and forming stronger bonds with your audience.

Rest assured, podcasting will work to build your business and base of listeners. Obviously the larger your base of listeners, the more profits you can make. You can have people help you by passing around your podcasts for you. So many marketers ignore podcasting, and they’re missing out on a powerful method of marketing. If you do it right and work on it, then podcasts can become just as profitable as video marketing.

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