No one ever promised that deciding on the GPS accessories that are best suited for you would be easy. But you do need to exercise caution lest you run the risk of getting something that is faulty or far more expensive than it should be.

One major preventative that will serve you well is doing some good research. You are also far more likely to get the accessories you really need and really want. In this article we’ll talk about those accessories that consumers report they’re happy with.

You can find out all about the Garmin Portable Friction Mount which is a popular extra people buy through Curiously enough, there are no standard suction cups for mounting because it uses the principle of friction. This is a heavy favorite with vehicles that have a high angled dashboard and/or rough textured material. Another unique feature is the angle of the unit can be changed, and that lets the driver read it with ease. Prius owners, especially, are fans of this mounting device.

The Garmin 4.3-Inch Carrying Case is a very popular GPS accessory. It’s a top seller at both Amazon and These cases are supposed to protect your unit in many different situations. You really should handle your GPS with some care and avoid doing anything to produce undue stress on it. So it’s not something like a fashion thing to use a carrying case, they serve a good function which is to take care of your unit.

The traveling cyclist should never leave home without the Garmin GSC 10 Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor. This sensor is meant to help you calculate your speed while you are riding your bicycle. You just strap it onto your wrist and you’re ready to go. If you’re a serious trainer you can take advantage of the pedal strokes per minute computation. If you use a stationary bike without a computer, it will be ideal for that situation as well. This sensor is compatible with the Forerunner 305, the Edge 305CAD and the Garmin Edge 305. There is also an one year warranty with it, too. There’s a huge variety of accessories for GPS units and systems. The accessories that you need or want to purchase will depend on your lifestyle, the reason you bought your system and how much money you have to spend. You’re almost a sitting duck if you enter a retail store knowing nothing and having done no research. Hopefully reading this article will have helped you make your decisions. We also hope you the best and maximum about of “good times.”

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