Therapy socks, more commonly known as support hose or support socks, are particularly meant to offer the wearer extra support; thereby facilitating better blood flow.

Therapy socks, more commonly known as support hose or support socks, are particularly meant to offer the wearer extra support; thereby facilitating better blood flow. This therapy wear takes away most of the pressure from the heart, making the heart not only to pump blood throughout the whole body very effectively but with little exertion needed. Despite looking similar to dress and diabetic socks, therapy socks can be distinctly singled out from the other varieties. These other therapy wear can seldom cause compression despite the fact that they are not expressly designed for that. Diabetic socks do most frequently consist of compression features, however not higher as those compression values found with therapy socks; these are especially designed to enhance therapeutic step up of blood circulation in heart patients or even those with different circulatory diseases. Pumping up too much pressure on the therapy wear might result in decreased circulation, which is the reason why therapy socks have a fairly distinct physical attribute.

These therapy wear are crafted to progressively boost the pressure applied to the foot and legs in minute augmentations, facilitating a gradual increase which in due course creates stress free and more effective circulation of blood throughout the whole body. Patients with blood circulation flow challenges can also be under the yoke of other health problems including everything from heart conditions to varicose veins. Thus it is quite natural for them to use therapy socks.

Therapy wear are made in various strengths, mild, medium and severe strengths. These are manufactured to cure the various stages and distinct types of vascular disease.
Compressions strengths of from eight to fifteen Hg are commonly known as mild strength. These retailing type strength hose facilitate mild relief for tired and aching legs and feet. They are uniquely crafted to protect sensitive feet.

Therapy socks with compression strength of from fifteen to twenty Hg are quite often recommended for pregnant women as they improve their circulatory health and in the long run help in deterrence of varicose veins. These types of therapy wear can also be used as a device in the curbing of deep vein thrombis (D.V.T).

Medical professionals and vascular surgeons also regularly prescribe these therapy socks for treatment of embolism as it can be fatal if not cured. The adorning of anti-embolism socks is more so critical for people who are non-ambulatory as they guarantee stress free blood flow.

Medium compression socks are those having a strength of from twenty to thirty mmHg and these are applicable in the treatment of various diseases not excluding venous deficiency, peripheral vascular disease and also deep vein thromboses.

Therapy socks with strengths of from thirty to forty Hg are commonly referred to as severe compression socks. These strengths are typically prescribed less frequently than the other strengths. These stronger therapy wear are created for people with more relentless ailments. Stronger therapy socks can sometimes be challenging to wear, more so to patients with arthritis.

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