Medical Assistant (MA) is the one who join his helping hands with the physicians and performs equally responsible duties towards medical care & the speedy recovery of patients. As per the standards set by the International Standard Classification of Occupations, aspirants are required to undergo a thorough training in order to perform their duties effectively. Medical Assistant Training is offered by many vocational schools, healthcare institutions, community colleges, proprietary colleges, through online educational programs and junior medical colleges.
Apart from working under the supervision of a doctor or a specialist, medical assistants act upon various administrative duties like taking up phone calls, guiding patients & helping them filling hospitalization & insurance forms, managing & updating their records, scheduling physicians appointments as per their availability, arranging various admission and laboratory services and managing discharge papers along with bills etc.
According to United States Department of Labor, the trend for a rewarding career is moving towards medical assistant courses, because of increasing job prospects in the medical industry. The job of a medical assistant is very interesting, as it includes varied duties based on their skills and knowledge. In most of the training institutions, two types of training programs that are generally offered and preferred by the students. Depending upon its duration, the programs are – One Year Diploma Course and Two Years Associate Degree to become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA).
The Medical assistant training consists of both clinical and administrative tasks. An aspiring medical assistant can take up a training program according to his choice and interest in the respective field. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and Association of Medical Technologists (AMT) are the governing certifiers that awards certification credentials to medical assistants, such as –
1. Administrative medical assistants
2. Clinical medical assistants
3. Ophthalmic medical assistants
4. Optometric assistants
5. Podiatric medical assistants
Just like any other medical job, medical assistant’s job is a noble affair that involves taking care of patients and helping them in performing their routine tasks. Several classes like Anatomy, Cardiopulmonary procedures, Clinical procedures, Endocrinology, First aid, Insurance processing, Laboratory procedures, Medical accounting / bookkeeping, Medical law, Medical administrative skills etc. constitutes a training program for medical assistants that covers everything from human body to bookkeeping.
Hence, taking up a medical assistant’s job can be rewarding because the job prospects are inclining day-by-day. For more information on Medical assistant training, types of medical assistant jobs, training courses, & programs, certifications, affiliated schools and any other related awareness, please visit

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