One of the most challenging times in any person’s life are the stressful years experienced as a teenager. These years are very difficult because of the emotional and physical changes that your kids will go through. Even though it is difficult, we simply have to be there for our kids and deal with it when the time comes. As your children go through their teen years, they will also have positive and rewarding times. Most adults, as they grow older, will realize that their teenage years were actually full of fun, excitement and positive memories. Many people, however, will think about this time as being one of the worst parts of their lives.

All of us are individuals with our unique personalities and abilities which is why you should observe and learn as much about your own children as possible. Sometimes people make the mistake of actually believing that by watching their kids they are actually learning about them. The only way you can be helpful as a parent is to actually understand how your kids think and know more about their personalities inside. Things you will notice about your kids will include their weaknesses and their areas of strength. Then you will be in a much better position to provide support in all activities whether they are academic, sports related or anything else.

Children need a disciplined life at home, that includes good habits, consistent routines and good health. Children do well when they know they are part of something, like a family, and when they know what their role is.

There are many positive reasons for your children to know what is expected of them. What you will be doing is helping your child or children to build foundations they will use in all situations in their young lives. Having a role in a family gives children the desire to better themselves, not only at home, but at school. Children who have a sense of belonging will want to perform at a higher level, even with things like doing their homework without being asked. Children are great at imitating, so teach them how to be responsible by allowing them to see your own responsible actions.

Kids that struggle with certain subjects in school, or all subjects, will be experiencing higher levels of stress and other negative emotions. Most kids who are having a truly hard time can feel depressed and embarrassed by their lower grades. Or, if they are called upon during class and do not know the answers, and then perhaps other students laugh or taunt them. The best way to handle this from a parent’s perspective is to simply be there for your kids if they ask for help. A good way to help your child is to figure out a plan of action after having a talk about their situation. Your child should always know that they can tell you how they feel, and also get help if they can’t figure out how to deal with what they are feeling.

Strong parenting skills and strategies consist of as much awareness as possible about your children and the events in their lives which means usually at school. Solid, mutual and positive communications are essential so possible issues do not escalate.

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