Is your phone service stuck in the Stone Age? In these times of high technology and fast-paced economy, a telephone service has not merely become just a convenience for small companies but also an integral tool for strategic success. To carry out essential customer relations tasks,companies now rely heavily on communications. Clients have started to assume that a company is only as good as its phone service. The previous statement might be questionable to you, but take time to think about it: What would you think of an organization whose basic communications system is unreliable, limited, and inefficient? For sure, you and your customers wouldn’t think highly of it.

That is why it’s important to choose which of the phone services works as hard as you do. Better yet, choose one that works hard for you, so that you can focus your attention on important company matters.

There are too many crucial customer relations tasks that phone service providers should help small business owners with. Here are some of them.

Advanced voicemail. The auto-receptionist receives voicemail and forwards them to recipients, who can retrieve the messages on their VoIP phones, mobile phones, or computers. You will be notified when you get a message like in a fax service. You can view, access and handle voicemail on your computer through the voicemail feature of your phone service.

Internet fax. You can receive fax through your email and send documents from any application on your computer if you have efficient phone services. You can’t miss crucial documents being sent to and from your company because all calls are answered. There’s no need to have a physical fax machine, saving you the expense of machine purchase and maintenance, power use, paper and toner. All fax messages are routed to intended recipients, who are then notified about the incoming fax by email or SMS. This service will also be able to generate logs of fax messages received and sent when required.

Auto-receptionist. Calls of customers should be answered promptly, efficiently, and professionally. This means no busy signal, no endless passing around, and no missed calls. The auto-receptionist feature of your phone service must answer all calls, quickly and efficiently route calls towards the intended party, and greet the caller with a customized greeting based on business hours, day, and calling rules that you set. In addition, it would be a plus if your auto-receptionist can automatically identify customers and display their business history on your computer as they speak.

Low monthly payments combined with low to practically zero maintenance costs are offered by great phone service providers. You should only pay for the services you need when you use an advanced PBX system. It doesn’t have to cost your company as significantly as a regular PBX system. Perhaps it is about time you bring your present communications system on par with this generation’s standards if it does not measure up to these things.

Without using dependable and efficient phone services, companies will not gain the trust of its customers. Leading companies know this for a fact; to make sure that their communications system meets their customers’ expectations, they only use high-priced, top-of-the-line PBX systems. Small companies, on the other hand, do not have to spend as much. By using a reliable VoIP phone service, they can reap the benefits of a similarly efficient telephone system without the corresponding huge financial outlay.

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