Many small businesses these days satisfy their customers’ needs by opting to switch to new phone service providers. Due to this growing need, phone service providers began sprouting from nowhere. While some of them provide efficient services, there are far too many of them, and not all can deliver the best phone service to clients. Thus, doing extensive research would help you choose which among these phone service providers will be your partner in servicing your clients.

First off, you can choose local, long-distance, or international calling plans from a number of providers or avail all of these services as a bundle with a single company. Finding subscription plans that meet your specific communication needs is the key. In choosing a phone service provider, think about the following:

Anticipated growth of your business
Your local call volume
Your long-distance call volume
Your international call volume
The percentage of incoming calls vs. outgoing calls
The number of employees who will likely be on the phone at the same time

In having the best phone service, you should bear in mind that it is a combination of having the proper equipment and harnessing the right phone service, including all the business features and functionality you will need. Affordability does not automatically equate with “cheap service,” and your choice should depend on what’s best for your business – not that of your phone service provider. Besides the quick list above, below are a few more tips in choosing your phone service provider.

Managing phone lines

The size of your organization, your call volume, and the number of employees who are likely to be on the phone at the same time will determine the number of phone lines that you’ll need. Aside from voice lines, your phone service provider should offer lines that will allow you to access a fax machine and the internet.

Look for small business specialists

Many phone service providers today are actively targeting small businesses with special services, options, and discounts. Pick a provider that caters specifically to small businesses to make sure that you will gain all the incentives that will complement the growth of your budding business.

Consider voice over IP (VoIP)

With VoIP, you can take advantage of your high-speed Internet connection to make local and long-distance phone calls, generally at a fraction of the cost of a typical phone service.

Shop international calling plans

Avail of an international calling plan if your business phone calls to foreign countries are more usual than the others. When looking for an international calling plan, it’s better to do some window shopping first to find the one that meets your needs best.

Make a comparison of long-distance rates

You don’t have to avail of of the long distance call plans of the local call service provider that you choose. Try to look around for phone service providers which give lower international plans than your present provider.

Manage your account online

Choose a phone service that will allow you to review past bills, make payments, request repairs, or make changes to your account online. This way, you will save yourself from the hassle of making outside calls to fix things or transactions that you can do on your work desk given the right software or online management tools.

Choose your extra phone service features

Phone service providers usually provide many calling features that will cost you a few extra bucks but are definitely worth it. For starters, consider including voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, speed dialling, and conference calling. If you need to track calls according to client, employee, or department, accounting codes can be very useful. To block employees from making unauthorized long distance calls, you can use a call blocking tool.

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