Women’s breasts begin to droop in the event the skin loses its elasticity. It is a natural part of the aging process. While some women are alright with this, there can be those that have cosmetic procedures in Long Island. A plastic surgery group located in this area can perform different procedures such as liposuction, Botox treatments, Dermabrasion and breast lifts.

If you plan to undergo a cosmetic surgery, think about having a breast lift in Long Island.

Many reasons exist for why a woman would get this procedure done. One would be due to their discontentment with how their chest looked after pregnancy. One more reason could be because of breastfeeding. Ladies who experienced extreme weight loss also turn to this surgery. Breast lifts enhance the appearance of the breasts and make it look fuller and younger. Women who have gone through this treatment have a lot more confidence with their body.

Breast Lift in Long Island

In Long Island, a plastic surgery group is able to do this treatment between one to three hours. Cosmetic surgeons commonly operate patients under general anesthesia. If the procedure requires just a small portion of skin removal, surgeons perform breast lifts under local anesthesia. This procedure is usually an outpatient process where patients don’t need to stay overnight at the clinic.

For cases that involve an extensive removal of skin, a hospital stay are usually necessary. This usually applies for ladies with big breasts.

The following are three types of breast lift treatments you must know about:

Concentric Mastopexy

Surgeons call this kind of breast lift as a “doughnut” Mastopexy. Of all the breast lift treatments, this one is the least intrusive. Cosmetic surgeons perform this with females who have got small breasts or breasts with less sag than the others. This operation is in fact done with few incisions and could be carried out under local anesthesia.

In this procedure, the plastic surgeons draw and cut concentric circles around the areola. They remove the skin and move the nipple and areola upward. After moving this, they will stitch the skin back to place. Concentric Mastopexy usually results to less scarring as opposed to other procedures.

Vertical Mastopexy

This type of breast lift restores the shape of the breasts by removing extra skin around the areola. Cosmetic surgeons do this via a vertical incision from the areola to the bottom of the breast. Removing the skin along this incision decreases sagging and helps reshape the breasts. Like Concentric Mastopexy, there is small scarring after this procedure.

Remember that this kind of surgery is more invasive and done as an outpatient surgery under general sedation.

Anchor-Shaped Mastopexy

Cosmetic surgeons conduct this procedure to women with large, sagging breasts. In this case, the cosmetic surgeons will move the nipple and the areola to a greater distance. Afterwards, they will make vertical and horizontal incisions to give them more control over the breast shape.

Of all breast lift in Long Island, this can be the most invasive. Surgeons perform anchor-shaped Mastopexy under general anesthesia. This procedure is in fact is quite similar to breast reduction. The only real difference is the fact that in breast reduction, the surgeon removes the breast tissue. This type of procedure removes only the skin, as the breast tissue remains to be intact and left in place.

The author is a medical student looking for breast surgeon Long Island and is familiar with breast lift Long Island.

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