Learning how to manage your time effectively has become extremely popular. Unfortunately, many people still have old notions and make mistakes. Often, the very things you assume will help you manage your time better end up having the exact opposite effect. If you wish to make sure you are managing your time properly, read this article to learn some slips you can easily avoid.

One common time management blunder involves doing way too much multitasking. Multitasking was heralded as a fantastic way to improve your efficient use of time when it was first introduced many years ago. Common sense would make you believe that you can get more done if you have a number of projects in the works at the same time. But this theory leads us back to a newer idea – focus. If you are trying to do too many things simultaneously, you cant give any one task the focus and attention that it deserves. So our brains get scattered, since were trying to think in too many different directions and, consequently, we make a few mistakes. It usually ends up making us less efficient, since we then need to go back and correct the slips we made. However, you should not get the sense that you shouldnt multitask. Multitasking works very well as long as the quality of the work you are trying to finish doesnt suffer.

In case you are one of those folks who overextend themselves, then you are making another huge time management mistake. The big problem with this method is that something down the line will hit a snag, and take more time than calculated, and then the whole set of jobs gets skewed. Are you one who just cant say no when a buddy or associate asks for your help with something? For some reason, saying no makes many folks feel guilty. Schedule ample extra time into your list of tasks so that you will not be boggled if something unexpected comes up, or there is a significant change or delay in one of the projects you are working on. Any time you overbook your time, you become scattered and anxious, and its difficult to get anything completed in an efficient way. Pause well before you commit to something, whether its a job or a social engagement. Also, take time to genuinely consider a new commitment. Dont feel like you have to answer right then and there. This practice of overextending is difficult to break. Lots of people genuinely struggle to change their habit of always saying yes.

Another huge time waster is not putting any thought into the steps of a project before you just jump right in and get started. Having a system in place – in writing – whether its for the tasks that we do more than once, or a new project, can save you a lot of grief in the long run. Its like trying to build a home without first taking the proper measurements and getting all the needed materials. So it must be plain by now that its all too easy to omit a step, or ingredient, when you start a new task without a clearly defined list or plan. The most successful individuals in any field understand the importance of using a system, and not moving forward until they know exactly whats involved. You might be enthusiastic to hop right into a new project, but taking the time in the beginning to make sure that all of the steps have been thought through accurately, will save you problems – and time – in the end.

There are numerous time management blunders that people often make, and the above are some of the major ones. You will be more apt to forget a step in a project if you attempt to hurry through the work without an adequate set of guidelines, and then you lose more time as you have to backtrack. Youll rid yourself of the stressful feeling of having to rush through your day, and will be able to concentrate on your work calmly, after you get your time management systems in place.

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