Simply vacuuming our carpets may appear to get rid of all the dirt, however deep in the carpet pile lies infesting bacteria. Carpets and rugs make cosy, warm homes for microbes which can spread harmful germs all around your home. During the winter months in particular, carpets can often become damp which has been known to cause bronchial asthma, a very serious disease.

Infesting bacteria and microbes will begin to attract dust mites. Several people are unaware that they’re allergic to these pests, which can cause skin, eye and nose irritation. Dust mites will also eventually spread onto furniture and mattresses, making eliminating them a very difficult task. A thorough deep clean around your entire household and cleaning and fabrics and bedding on a high heat should eliminate any dust mites.

Dirty carpets can also lead to indoor air pollution. This is often caused by damp flooring, mould and/or dust mites. Air pollution in the home has been known to cause a wide range of illnesses, including coughs, colds and allergic reactions. Exposure to any form of air pollution in the home can cause asthma, sinusitis and many other respiratory health conditions.

Keeping your carpets thoroughly clean is crucial for your family’s health and wellbeing, particularly if you have babies or small children. Many carpet cleaning products are designed with dangerous chemicals, before purchasing your carpet cleaning detergent, ensure it has been created with no harmful chemicals. You should deep clean your carpets with a professional machine around once a month. There are many simple techniques you can follow to reduce the chances of any bacteria collecting on your carpet. These include making sure any visitors wipe their feet and take their shoes off upon arrival and immediately wiping up any spills with a damp cloth.

There are many different types of carpet cleaners. These can feature manual cleaning products such as sprays and foams or electronic devices which can be rented or bought to professionally clean the carpets in your entire home. Traditional electronic carpet cleaning machines are extremely difficult to use as they are heavy and the detergent often takes a long period of time to dry. Newly designed carpet cleaning machines are incredibly lightweight and have an easy to use one button mechanism. An ingredient known as SpotBlok is included within the detergent and protects carpets against any future stains.

Several manual cleaning products now come in many different forms, designed to clean specific stains or certain areas of the home. Red stain remover for instance will eliminate and break down red dye bonds to remove tough stains. Urine eliminator is ideal for removing pet stains, as it destroys underlying odours.

Whether you choose to rent or buy your carpet cleaning machine, by dedicating just 1-2 hours each month to deep clean your carpets, your home will be a healthy and happy environment to live in.

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