Why it’s important to maintain your HVAC systems on regular basis? Most of us think that regular maintenance will just enhance the hvac system’s performance and reduce energy consumption, but there is one more important reason. If your hvac system is in good working condition, you can secure your family from a wide range of health hazards caused by poor indoor air quality.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), around 50% of pneumonia deaths among children under five and more than 1 million people a year die from chronic obstructive respiratory disease (COPD) due to poor indoor air quality.

Apart from these health problems, poor indoor quality is found impairing immune system response, reducing oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, TB, nasopharyngeal, laryngeal cancers and more.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain the hvac system efficiently. Besides, heating and air conditioning systems consume more amount of energy due to its continuous working schedules. You can minimize your energy bills by keeping them in good working conditions.

If you are unsure about hvac system’s maintenance, here are some simple tips that might assist you to maintain your hvac system effectively.

When you start hvac system’s cleaning process first look for its filter because it is responsible for maintaining a good air flow. Due to continuous filtering process, filters get accumulated with debris, dust particles, pollen and more. Another interesting fact about cleaning filters is that if the filters are cleaned frequently then you might not need to clean the air ducts.

Cleaning filter is not a mammoth task; with just a dry cotton cloth you can clean the filter quickly. Besides, it’s recommended to replace the filters frequently to maintain a steady air flow and good indoor air quality.

Remember, indoor air quality depends on the quality of the filter, so choose the best filters. Usually, electronic air cleaners can remove the smallest dust and allergens effectively, while Media filters can remove the dirt and prevents dust particles from interfering with air flow. You can choose the best filter based on its dust-spot rating which must be between 35% and 80% or MERV rating which should be between 8 and 13.

Keep the condenser and evaporator coil clean to avoid unwanted mold growth and accumulation of dirt. Usually, condenser and evaporator coils are cleaned for every six months.

Check and clean dampers to avoid low indoor air quality and increase in utility consumption.

Inspect the fan’s working condition regularly, since it plays a major role in getting rid of dust particles effectively.

Check for leaks around supply duct and cabinet to enhance the performance of the hvac system. You can carry out this inspection process annually to maintain a steady air flow.

These are some simple tips that might help you to maintain your hvac system effectively.

HVAC Sacramento service providers are incorporating advanced tools and strategies to restore hvac systems in time and effectively. The author has a wide of expertise in the Heating and Air Roseville CA arena and has written many articles regarding hvac systems in the past.

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