Tips for the ATV Beginner

ATV’s were designed as utilitarian machines at their inception, but they have grown in popularity for sport and enjoyment throughout the decades. Many people enjoy riding ATV’s for fun and others race them and participate in other ATV events. ATV’s can be exciting and a worthwhile pastime. They can, however, be dangerous but with the right experience and precautions you can safely enjoy your ATV. If you are a first time ATV owner you can benefit from training and practice and should educate your self on proper riding technique and safety precautions. One of the best ways to become a proficient rider is practice, but before you venture out there are some things all ATV beginners should do.

If you are buying an ATV for the first time, you should probably go with a used model. If you are unsure that you will like the activity or just do not have great riding skills, at least at first, spending thousands on a brand new machine is not the best idea. It is better that you buy a cheaper used ATV so that you will not feel as bad if you damage it. After you have practiced and are a proficient you can buy the new ATV of your dreams and have less chances of wrecking it.

Beginners can greatly benefit form taking training courses. Training courses are mandatory for minors in many areas but optional for adults. They are always a good idea, however, as taking one can show you proper riding techniques and help you develop your skills. You should also make sure your training course covers safety as ATV’s can be very dangerous if you do not know how to follow the proper safety precautions.

After you have taken a training course, it is time to go out and practice. It is a good idea to always ride with someone else until you are comfortable with your abilities. You should ride with someone who is experienced and a good rider so that you can benefit form watching their technique. You can even decide is an ATV is a good investment fro you by riding with someone else before you purchase your own ATV.

You should also remember to read the owners manual for your ATV and any other paper work that came with it. If you buy a used model that does not come with an owner’s manual, look up your model online and get some basic information. Maintaining you ATV is also an important part of ATV ownership so you should familiarize yourself with all the different aspects of maintenance. Learn how to check oil and tire pressure as well as do an over all safety inspection to ensure you ATV stays in safe working order.

Practice makes perfect, so keep riding until you develop proper ATV skills. Once you are confident in your abilities you can branch out on your own and look into getting a brand new model. Always remember to follow safety precautions and wear protective gear no matter how confident you are.

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