Every house needs many power cords and power cord sets. With so many electrical and electronic appliances and gadgets, there are never enough places to plug them all in. In some places, you need a power cord with a lot of receptacles. Elsewhere, you need a longer cord since the appliance can’t be placed close to the power outlet. Sometimes you need both.

For example, the entertainment center inside a corner from the family room probably has numerous gadgets that should be connected. There’s the lcd screen television, the game box, the cable box, the digital recorder, the I-Pod station, and maybe an ornamental clock. In the computer desk, you need to connect the computer, the monitor, the printer, the scanner, the lamp, the coffee pot, and the automatic pencil sharpener. In the kitchen, there is the toaster, the can opener, the blender, the meals processor, the microwave, and the coffee pot. Within the bedroom, there is the clock radio, the phone, the lamp, the weather radio, and also the I-Pod station. Whew! That’s four outlets and twenty-four items to connect!

Then there’s the problem of safety. In the old days, we plugged a little device in to the outlet that had three openings. A couple of these would accommodate six appliances. But i was always warned through the fire department against overloading the sockets. Today’s power cords and cord sets tend to be more sturdy and forgiving compared to old three-way sockets. Today, a good power cord also contains an outburst protector and an off/on switch. These devices make it less likely that the overloaded circuit can cause a danger.

Today’s power cords also allow you to be just a little greener. Do you notice that all these new appliances leak electricity? I don’t imply that you will be shocked if you touch them. I mean , that they’re always ON. What I want to know is, what is the use of having a little red light on my small DVD player when it’s off? It doesn’t possess a clock. It doesn’t store channels. Why does it have to be on when I’m not using it? The same is true from the new television and the digital converter and several from the other electronics. You can have a greener house if you plug these units into the type of cord which has an on/off switch. Just turn the whole thing off when you go to bed and do not switch it on until it’s time to relax at night. Obviously, if you have the kind of television that loses its channel settings when there’s no electricity, you have to put it right into a separate power cord that you leave on, letting that amount of electricity for use constantly.

One of the more innovative cords is the squid. Unlike that old surge protectors, each outlet is mounted on a brief cord. This arrangement enables you to plug in numerous devices which have that annoying transformer after the plug.

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