In today’s world, skin care companies have to constantly stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive and in business. It isn’t just a question of economy anymore, seasons, shopping holidays. It is a question of staying in front of your customers and future consumers. Today, the averageperson is bombarded all day long with information and has access to an unlimited amount of data at will.

The average skin care consumer today is highly educated and does their due diligence.

Most of the research is done online by consumers and therefore over 50% of them shop online. As a skin care company (manufacturer or marketer), it is critical to be visible in order to ensure proper growth.

Here are the top 10 ways to increase sales as a skin care company:

1.Have a product sales oriented, quality ecommerce website by a company that knows the skin care industry.

2.Have professionally customized branded social network channels build out such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

3.Incorporate a professional blog, writing on ingredients, benefits, skin treatments, life style, and so on.

4.Information is king. Write articles and press releases. Upload articles and PRs to the website but don’t submit them then. Submit articles and press releases for distribution, but don’t upload them to the website then.

5.Offer Incentives. Free shipping, discounts, packages, monthly specials, holiday specials, and so on.

6.Hire a proven search engine optimization SEO company to start ranking up into the top 10 of Google your most important keywords.

7.Run at least for the 1st year a paid search advertising campaign with Google AdWords and Bing. It’s also called “pay per click – PPC”.

8.Contact online retailers and get them to carry your skin care line and sell on their website.

9.Contact independent sales representatives who rep in the skin care industry and work strictly on commission. These representatives are national and can open up doors for certain distributionopportunities.

10.Hire seasoned sales brokers who for a monthly fee will represent your skin care line and utilize their long lasting relationships with national distributors. This is critical to shortcutting the sales cycle and landing retail space on a national level.

These are the top 10 ways to increase and ensure sales as a skin care company. It is a competitive industry and consumers are quality driven shoppers who due their research and have plenty of choices these days. Furthermore, they have easy access to information. By just going online andlooking up every website of the brands that interest them, they can easily do their homework. This even more stresses the importance of having state of the art ecommerce, current information, visually pleasing graphics, and customer driven online presence. A strong professional online presence also assists in landing retail space. Most brokers, sales agents, and distributors want to make sure there is an adequate operation present. The trust ensures them to do business with the skin care company. Incorporate all 10 steps and manage your growth well as a skin care company.

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