The phrase “buyer beware” applies as appropriately to drug rehab facilities as to any consumer product. On the surface, there are two types of drug addiction rehab centers. Traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers are the most well known and most common centers, with holistic drug treatment facilities becoming ever more popular.

The difference seems clear. Traditional drug treatment centers use medical methods, including medications, and the Twelve Steps. In theory, holistic treatment centers would be those using natural treatment methods, including Ibogaine, and mind/body/soul approaches.

Unfortunately, some “holistic” drug and alcohol treatment centers do not fully meet the qualifications for holistic.

To be a truly holistic drug rehab, a facility should meet the following criteria:

– Never use medications
– Use only natural treatments
– Treat the entire patient, including body, mind and spirit
– Seek to cure the addiction
Many treatment centers claim to offer holistic rehab, but in fact use drugs for detox. This is not holistic treatment. The entire point of a holistic treatment center is to remove drugs from the body, not add more.

The best holistic addiction treatment programs use an Ibogaine program to cure the addiction. Ibogaine treatment has been proven to reduce and eliminate cravings for alcohol and opiates by reducing withdrawal symptoms.

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Ibogaine works in exactly the opposite way from the way drugs for detox work. Rather than removing the cravings completely, medications simply move the addiction to another drug. Even weaning the addicted person off of drugs does not remove the withdrawal symptoms or cure the addiction.

Still, some clinics that prescribe drugs call themselves “holistic.” Nothing could be less holistic or less natural than using drugs to cure drug addiction.

Using only natural treatments should be required of holistic treatment centers. Unfortunately, there are no regulations regarding who can call themselves a “holistic drug and alcoholic treatment center.” It is important to investigate and determine if the so-called “holistic” treatment facility you’re consider uses all-natural treatments.

If the answers to your inquiries do not reassure you, consider an Ibogaine clinic instead of a not-really-holistic rehab. The best way to truly recover from drug or alcohol addiction is to cure the addiction completely. The best way to do that is to go through a complete holistic treatment program. For patients with extreme cases of addiction, this may include an Ibogaine treatment.Treatments will continue, to ease the after-effects of the detox.

Truly holistic clinics offer a mind/body/spirit restoration program which creates a mindset shift and a spiritual transformation, as well as healing the body. Many “holistic” programs provide the traditional talk therapy and other conventional methods.

Treating the whole person means healing the body, which starts with the Ibogaine program and continues with methods such as nutrition education, massage therapy, immune repair and other modalities.

To create a person who is not addicted to drugs or alcohol, a holistic drug and alcohol rehab treatment center will focus on changing the patient’s mind, literally. This means changing the thoughts that occupy that mind. To this end, real holistic rehab centers use non-punitive motivational/cognitive therapy, relapse prevention coaching, hypnotherapy and other mind-changing methodologies.

A good way to know if a treatment center is truly holistic (in addition to the use of drugs in treatment) is to investigate their therapies. Traditional talk therapy and Twelve Step programs are not included in holistic drug and alcohol rehab.

Holistic rehab facilities also seek to engage and restore the soul, using such treatments as spiritual counseling, yoga and chi gong, among many therapies and modalities.

Some supposedly holistic treatment centers use Twelve Step programs as their “spiritual” element. This is not a holistic treatment, because the Twelve Steps are a strictly secular program. Although these groups are described as spiritual, they actually are not at all spiritual and do not provide any real basis for spiritual transformation. Real holistic drug rehab does not use the Twelve Steps.

Holistic drug rehab also does not need a program like the Twelve Steps, because the goal is to cure the addiction. Any drug addiction treatment facility that adheres to the disease theory of addiction is not a holistic drug treatment center, no matter what they may call themselves.

With truly holistic treatment, it is quite possible to cure addiction. Ibogaine is a powerful natural “drug” that completely removes the withdrawal symptoms of drugs and alcohol. This removes the craving for the substance. Removing the cravings, along with healing the body, creating a new mindset and creating or restoring a spiritual awareness and connection, will cure the addiction.

An addict who enters a true holistic treatment center or Ibogaine clinic will leave as a person who once had a drug addiction but no longer does. Unfortunately, an addict entering a treatment center that is holistic only in name will leave that center still addicted. The Holsitic Sanctuary Offers only Holistic Therapies to Heal and Cure Addiction and Alcoholism.

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