Welcome to UK based Wild Bird Food Company selling bird food, bird seed, bird health and hygiene products, and bird feeders direct from Street End Farm. We are a company that produces the highest quality bird seed and bird feed – with the fewest air-miles. Over 75% of the crops that we grow on the farm are used in our wild bird food. We grow a big variety of seeds and grains, which we harvest, double clean (to minimize dust), mix, and pack ourselves. So when you buy from us – you are buying UK grown, home produced seed which hasn’t travelled half way around the world to get to you.
Our wild bird food shop supplies and sells variety of products like seed mixes, black sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts, straights seeds, suet and fat foods, Niger seed ( which can also be spelt Nyger seeds or nyjer seeds), peanuts, mealworms, bird feeders, pick and mix, Live Foods for Garden Birds and bird hygiene products. All our wild bird seed are home produced, so you will find them fresh, clean and nutritious when they reach to your garden birds.

Also feeding birds is not enough; you can make them feel more special and happy with bird nest box, bird tables and water bird bath.

Now when we have such healthy and nutritious bird seed, how can we forget squirrels? Squirrels are always famous for destroying our bird feeders and consuming vast quantities of wild bird seed. For deterring squirrels and protect your bird seed, we have squirrel resistant bird feeding accessories. If you are really serious, then try the Amazing Yankee Flipper – the NO 1, top selling squirrel-proof bird feeder in the USA.
Birds need feeding all year round so don’t delay – order bird food today from our farm shop. Our order process is very simple. You just select products and complete the online order form. We accept payment by credit card, debit card and also by cheque. Using debit card or credit card in our site is secured. Security is provided by Thawte digital certificate technology. Once we receive the payment, goods will be dispatched to you within 48hrs. Bird Feeders, fat products and accessories can only be delivered with bird seed orders.
If you are placing order for first time, you will be invited to join our frequent flyer club. This will help you next time when you making any purchase with us. It will make the order process much quicker and easier.
We have special service called ‘PICK AND MIX’ where you order a selection of smaller feeds packs to ensure your birds get variety. We give advice about birds, bird nutrition and bird care. Our bird care products are based around ark-klens, tamodine E and cleaning brushes.
We offer our customer bird gift service were you can tell us a message and the address of a recipients and we send our bird products as a gift form yourself.
We also offer a gift voucher service where we provide gift vouchers in multiple of £5.00 for use on our site. This voucher will be sent with gift card by first class post. To order vouchers select one of the voucher options within our Bird Shop.
If you still have doubts regarding product, service, order process, or want to make a suggestion, you can contact us either by sending email, by phone, or by fax.
For details visit us at : http://www.streetendfeeds.co.uk/

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At Street End Farm we concentrate on producing the best quality seeds mixes, UK sunflowers, black sunflowers, sunflowers hearts, dried mealworms, suet and fat foods, fat balls for birds, nyjer seed, peanuts, live foods, bird table, bird nest box, bird water bath, squirrel proof feeders, bird seed feeders and bird feeding accessories.

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