Time is changing rapidly and so are we. The time has come when a smart phone will be able to fulfill all your needs and requirements. As the technology is improving and enhancing itself we are also trying to get the hang of it. Recently, I read news stating ‘Now you can use your iPhone to make payments’. No more you have to carry money in your wallet as your cell phone will reside in it.
Finally, after a long time of research Apple has planned to start off with the concept of Near Field Communication (NFC). With this, it will be easy for you to make payments through a dedicated gateway which will be 4cm or less in the connectivity radial. You will find an NFC chip which will help you while you are making payments. Even some of the dedicated app services providers have already rolled out the finest apps that will target the mobile payment scenario using this NFC capability. Also, the NFC users will be able to make credit card transitions by simply tapping their iPhone on a credit card terminal.
Apart from this upcoming technology, you have many other payments apps in iPhone that are specifically designed for transactions and also for purchasing goods at the retail counter. You don’t have to stand in que’s any more for transferring cash to another account. As in iPhone, Apple has included plenty of apps for doing transactions and transferring cash from one account to another. Also, banks like Bank of America, Citibank, and Wells Fargo have their apps uploaded on the iPhone App Store.
Not only this but if you and your friend both possess a PayPal account, then you can use iPhone to do transaction through PayPal as well. IPhone also takes care of the shared expenses between friends; it tracks the expenses to shared between friends during a trip or a day out.
You might think as to why Apple keeps on adding new features in the products. The only answer to this question is Apple wants to put all the services in the hands of mobile customers. This was the reason that Apple released an advertising platform for its iOS devices called as iAd.
In addition to the purchases, NFC technology on iPhone can also help you in easily accessing the merchants’ rewards program. These features can also be accessed on other platforms like Android and Blackberry. Just sit and relax. No need to worry if you are not carrying cash with you. iPhone is all that you need.
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