With the advent of new scientific imaging of the eyes, it has been found that worsening vision with age usuall occurs due to reversible reasons. It is a wonder why almost everyone accepts wearing glasses as the only solution to poor eyesight, without paying any heed whatsoever to the usefulness of performing regular eye exercises?

I genuinely believe that people are just simply unaware just how their eyes work and how quickly it can respond to a little bit of exercise. Since the more recent studies are confirming the important role of eye muscles in controlling visual acuity, it stands to reason that you can improve your visual clarity simply by performing specialized eye exercises. And a bit of daily exercise for a couple of weeks has been shown to completely fix over 45% of eye problems with a further 30% showing drastic improvement.

Given that glasses teach you eyes bad habits, commonly cause a steady deterioration in eyesight and cost on average $500 a year it is clear that spending a short amount of time running through some eye exercises could literally be the best decision you ever made for your eyesight.

For those of you who have already been dependent on glasses for a number of years, then I have something encouraging to say to you too. No matter how bad your eyesight, in most cases (depending on the actual cause), good eyesight can be re-established using visual techniques. Whatever condition you have, your eyesight can most certainly at least be IMPROVED through visual training, if not completely cured. So rather than wearing thick telescopic glasses, you can settle with a thinner, more attractive and cost-effective pair. The exercises can even work on eyesight problems that have been caused by ageing.

Below you will find an example of a technique you can use to help restore your vision over time:

As simple as it may sound, simply teaching your eyes to relax can have a major impact on your vision. Your eyes are extremely sensitive to strain especially with our modern common lifestyle of working in front of computers, watching the television and reading books. Eye strain can even occur without you noticing it – most of the time there are no symptoms in terms of feeling, you just start to notice a deterioration in your vision.

An example of an exercise you can use to take the strain away from your eyes is palming. This exercise is extremely simple, and for this reason its benefits are severely underestimated. There are those who see results immediately, but in most cases it is the more long-term benefits that make palming so effective.

Here is how to perform it:

Hold your palms in front of you, facing your eyes. Then bring your palms up to cover your eyes making sure that the hands are cupped so that they don’t actually make contact with your eyes. Any strain in the body will cause strain in the eyes – this is a known fact – so make sure you are in a relaxed position. With your eyes closed and the light blocked out in this way, you may notice visual effects like colors, dots, sparks etc that disrupt the deep blackness. The more disruptions are available, the more tense your eyes are. Do this for as long as it takes to achieve a state of relaxation. When you start out this can take up to 20 to 30 mintues, but later on you’ll be able to call upon a relaxed state almost immediately.

To learn about some other exercise you can do to improve your vision naturally, click on the following link: Eye Health.

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