Congratulations on your interest in learning Japanese but you should be aware that this is one of the harder languages to learn. The Japanese characters and symbols aren’t like the alphabet that we are familiar with and acts as a barrier to those who don’t take the right approach. Usually new Japanese learners are intimidated by the language until they become more accustomed to its workings. Learning Japanese is the same as learning any other language, as long as you remember that the process is the same for learning Spanish as it is for learning Japanese then you won’t having any problems with becoming a fluent speaker. Here are some of the most popular hints to help you learn this new and challenging language.

Everyone learns differently. Are you someone who can learn the most efficiently by listening to a recording or program and writing out the sounds that you hear?

You may, however, be someone who wants to start out by learning how to write out the characters of the alphabet. Whichever method you prefer, it’s best if you can decide on one or the other when it comes to a language with an entirely different alphabet than the one you’re familiar with. If you try to learn both at once, you will probably just confuse yourself and make learning Japanese much harder than it already is. Just choose your course of study based on how you learn best. If you want to learn Japanese, you have to learn its alphabet. It’s more important to become familiar with the characters and how they sound than to be concerned with proper spelling at this stage. Even if you aren’t perfect, you can then write down the phonetic equivalent of any phrases you are trying to speak. You will find this helpful when traveling or when speaking to anyone in Japanese before you are really comfortable with the language. By doing this, you will be learning how to read in the new language as well as being able to communicate by writing things down phonetically.

One trick you can use to speed up your learning process is to use any Japanese recordings or downloads at times when you are not focusing on learning. You can learn a lot by practicing a language directly with drills and lessons. You can also learn automatically, however, allowing the subconscious to take in the knowledge. Let your vocabulary lessons play in the background as you drive to work, do chores around the house or even as you shop. Even though you aren’t trying to learn, your mind is hearing the words being repeated. Believe it or not, you do remember things whether you are trying to or not! You could try what is known as sleep learning, letting the recordings play as you sleep! If you want to learn a language, you should try anything that might possibly help. Find out what techniques jibe with the way you learn best, and stick with these. Learning Japanese may not be easy, but it’s definitely something that’s possible if you stick with it. If you are persistent and keep working at it, you will one day be fluent in Japanese!

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