For those of you who wish to become successful in your internet business venture you need to already comprehend that web site traffic is key. Obviously you’re going to want to get targeted visitors to your website simply because any other sort of traffic is pretty much a waste of time. The reason I emphasize the point of targeted visitors is simply because these individuals actually go to your internet site mainly because their interested in what you have to provide. One form of targeted visitors is when you receive traffic directly from a search engine mainly because folks did a search for a particular an item and your site came up. Pay per click advertising and marketing is yet another way of getting targeted traffic, and it’s also kind of what the leads leap program is all about.

One of the greatest things concerning this program is you can in fact join for free and place Google type advertisements on blog pages all over the net. If you have seen Google advertisements on other sites, this is pretty much what your ads will look like once you join leads leap. But as opposed to a traditional pay per click program you’re not going to need to pay each and every time somebody clicks on one of your advertisements. You’re also going to realize that without doing anything at all they will offer you 100 credits when you join. In relation to earning credits you are going to realize that the more men and women you refer to their program the more credits you get every month.

For those of you who do not wish to refer new folks into the program you are able to join their pro membership and not have to be concerned with earning credits. You are going to get about 300 visitors each and every month to your site if you decide to sign up for the pro membership. And because their pro membership only costs $20.00 if you subscribe to this membership when you join, it means you will only be paying about 6 and 1/2? per click. A lot of you already understand that this is actually a great deal considering the costs that most paper click programs charge you. Google could ultimately end up charging you between 35? and $4.00 for every single click your ads receive.

There’s one drawback to this program and that’s the fact that the blogs your advertisements will show upon are in the Internet Advertising niche. I am sure you can realize that if you place an ad on an Internet Marketing and advertising blog for an acne product, then that advertisement is not going to be getting many clicks. For people advertising online business products, Marketing Products or Internet Advertising Products of any kind, you’ll get the traffic you want and need for your success.

I’ve been a member of leads leap for almost 2 years now, and I have been getting good success with their program. I was offered the choice for the pro membership when I signed up and I took it, the pro membership also enables the member to create multiple ads. My pro membership ad gets about 300 clicks each month, and my free advert about 100 clicks per month for a total of 400 visitors monthly. This means that I am in fact only paying 5? for every click.

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