In today’s world, there are numerous companies which are efficiently outsourcing their requirements to transcription firms to save time in order to focus on their main functions. Transcription services are of various types depending upon the industry or verticals where they find its use. A transcription service , in simple words, can be described as the conversion of speech in the live or recorded format into the text format.

This type of service finds its use in financial, medical, business and legal sectors. Transcription services vary in rates depending on the service provided, which can be according to the time, difficulty, number of words and turnaround time. Therefore, the basis for the charges can be per line, per word, or per minute. A background check, along with references, is always helpful in establishing the credibility of the service provider.

Transcription has helped in overcoming the tedious process of using shorthand and portable recorders. Now these services can be available over the internet. The voice recording in its proper format is transferred to the transcriptionists over email. Then the clarity is adjusted and transcription software is used to provide accurate and fast results. Transcription services are relatively fast, with barely an hour required for transcribing fifteen minutes of an audio file. Accuracy is an important factor to focus on when getting a transcription service; an inaccurate transcription can lead to waste of time, added frustration, losing valuable clients and, in worst cases, one could even be facing legal issues A good transcription service provider will ensure that your privacy is maintained, as well as securing your confidential and important data.

Legal transcription, for instance, requires high levels of accuracy and confidentiality. A single word error can change the facts and affect the decision of any proceeding. The clientele of legal transcription includes court clerks, attorneys, lawyers, police and solicitors which involves transcribing work such as wills, leases, tribunals, affidavits, contracts, advices, draftsman bills, probate forms and legal medical reports.

Medical transcription is done for various specializations such as nephrology, cardiology, hematology, oncology in creating patient summaries, outpatient notes, dissertations, medical correspondence and expert witness reports, just to name a few.

Similarly, financial transcription services are used for transcribing business reports, seminars, conferences and trainings. Hence, today you can avail yourself of any type of transcription, which is customized for you, depending on your needs and affordability.

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