You are a fan of parties. Additionally you love chocolates. How will you combine those two passions of yours? Here is a concept: give a wonderful chocolate party for your friends! It will be legendary! Your party will be more sophisticated and funny if someone makes a chocolate fondue. Dip slices of strawberries or oranges into hot melted chocolate mixture and see what is going to happen! You may taste the most incredible and delicious dessert ever!

In order achieve marvelous results using the fondue you may need a perfect fondue machine. Here is a tip: purchase a Velata fondue warmer! Velata is a new release line, offering absolute quality and impressive kind of its goods. Velata warmers have numerous advantages no disadvantages. The prices are quite acceptable and also the high quality is guaranteed. Probably the most important advantages of Velata warmers may be the unique design. A silicone dish maintains constant heat. Additionally, it keeps the chocolate from scorching. We’ve got the technology of Velata products allows the chocolate to keep warm and liquid. There’s no problem to put the dish within the refrigerator and keep chocolate fondue left following the party. The cleaning of the Velata warmer is quite simple and easy , doesn’t take much time.

The perfect warmer is provided for your party now it’s time to think of the perfect chocolate fondue! If you buy a Velata machine your problems will be immediately solved! Together with the warmer, you will get a number of the finest Belgian chocolates! Creamy white chocolate or dark chocolate, milk chocolate or caramel milk chocolate – each one of these Belgian chocolates are exquisite and indescribable! You will make the perfect chocolate fondue – warm, melting, irresistible! Invite good friends, arrange a nice table and choose relaxing music. Your fondue will be the the surface of the party!

Arrange a variety of items to dip across the pots. You will definitely enjoy dipping marshmallows, strawberries or other treats in to the chocolate mixture. Do not forget to provide interesting fondue forks or wooden skewers. You should carefully pick the beverages for the friends. Tea, wine or chocolate martini – the choice is yours. For example, in the event you prefer wine, have in mind that different types of chocolate require several types of wine. Your wine and also the chocolate needs to be equally sweet. When the chocolate overpowers your wine, the beverage will taste tart. Dark chocolates need strong wines as they have stronger flavors. However, should you dip berries into the fondue, berry flavored hot or iced tea is a good option for party beverage too. Chocolate martini sounds ideal for a chocolate fondue, so not hesitate to supply for your guests another chocolate temptation on the party!

Finally your perfect party is getting ready to begin! Thanks to the incredible Velata warmer as well as the most delicious chocolates, you should have an amazing chocolate fondue and memorable chocolate party. Enjoy!

In order achieve marvelous results with the fondue you will need a perfect fondue machine. Click here to know more about Velata.

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