ViSalus scam, is a term frequently searched for on Google, when people are investigating ViSalus Sciences and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. There is always skepticism with any mlm company, especially in light of such high profile issues as the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. I hope by perusing this, I can put aside any fears you could have of getting caught up in a ViSalusT scam, so that you can approach this business with complete confidence in not only their product, but their business.

The core of the ViSalus business is the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. The Challenge is a fat reduction or weight gain method, depending on the person, built around the use of ViSalus meal replacement shakes and supplements for a 90 day period. 90 Day Challenge participants take starting photos and measurements once they begin their challenge. They are also encouraged to post their Challenge participation to their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. As they continue through the 90 Day Challenge, they are encouraged to publish regular updates of weight, measurement and photos.

ViSalus recognized several powerful things that would happen. First of all when people saw the final results their friends and acquaintances were having with the product, they would be desirous to experience the same final results, thus building the customer base quicker. Secondarily, there would be a huge number of testimonials, with photo evidence attesting to the performance of the product in a variety of individuals. This testimonial evidence might also quickly put to rest any fears of a ViSalus scam for any potential customers.

The final piece of social proof has come by means of celebrity endorsements. Among those currently promoting ViSalus are: Hulk Hogan, Jerry Rice, Jessica Biel, Alfonso Ribeiro and Dennis Rodman to name a few. These celebrities have chosen to lend their name and reputations to the product, because they are end users and believe in the effects.

The quickest challenge to any notion of a ViSalus scam comes from considering the overall business of the company. The first component of evaluation is longevity. Without a sustainable enterprize model, companies come and go. ViSalus is now entering their 6th year in business. In January of 2012 alone, the company added over 100, 000 new customers through the 90 Day Challenge. This comes on the heels of a record breaking $230+ million dollars in sales for 2011. Additionally, CEO Ryan Blair announced this week that ViSalus Sciences will be adding close to 1, 000 jobs in Michigan to compliment their business operations. You can learn more by going to the company’s due diligence page.

Typically assertions of a scam regarding a network marketing business come from those who have not had success within their attempts at a home business. In reality those who have a problem with ViSalus are not struggling due to a “ViSalus scam”, but instead are having difficulties, because they have not learned the skills of lead generation and small business marketing. Without a steady flow of leads being received by their business, a promoter will not have prospects, customers or team members. Their business will cost them more than they earn (if they earn at all) and their tenure with the business will be short lived.

It is imperative that anyone considering a ViSalus business, adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and learn the abilities of marketing and lead generation. Knowledge and skill will eliminate fear of failure and worries about the presence of any ViSalus scam.

As with most any network marketing company there are always those out there who will question if there is some sort of ViSalus scam. These questions often arise, because an individual has failed in prior attempts to build a network marketing business. The greatest way of dealing with Body By Vi scam complaints is through professionalism and learning your craft.

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