Antwerp city is a major attraction for the visitors in the country of Belgium. Ethnic Belgian food and drinks act as rich intoxication for the tourists and the local residents here. Along with the rich and colorful heritage, this city also boasts of having several eateries offering a slew of several global cuisines. Every visitor finds it a wonderful experience to enjoy some time at the top-class restaurants in Antwerp.
Among several eateries at Antwerp, restaurant Huts De Colvenier occupies a prominent position. As soon as you enter into this mega food palace, you will be simply spell bounded by the warm hospitality of the Chef cook Patrick van Herck and other supporting staff. This is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. You will enjoy more pleasant surprises as you explore more and more. No doubt the quality food platters serve to be the major attractions of this Belgian restaurant.

Enjoy A Short Tour Round Colvenier:
Take a Peek at the Kitchen:

Visitors generally think twice before entering into an unknown restaurant. Here Colvenier has taken a grand ‘hospitality’ strategy. One of the key features of Huts De Colvenier definitely revolves around its transparency. Colvenier offers a grand option to dilute this fear. The main chef will lead you and your friends to the restaurant kitchen where you can witness the cooking ingredients with your own eyes. Apart from viewing the components of the main courses, you will also be fortunate enough to gain an understanding about the quality of the ‘starters’ and the ‘desserts’ as well.

Enjoy the Essence of Majestic Wine Cellar:

Once you finish visiting the kitchen of this mega restaurant just take a look at the cellar if you have a passion for world-class wines. Thousands of wine bottles will welcome you as soon as you descend into the cellar. The alcohol stock encompasses virtually all the top-class wine varieties. You can choose and place order for the wine as per your choice.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience with Majestic Dining:

There is no doubt that anyone can enjoy exotic foods at any of several restaurants in Antwerp but few enjoy dining at a grand palace. Colvenier is the exception in this case. You can select an ambience here as per your personal taste. Southern loggia atmosphere adorned with exquisite frescoes and green setups enjoy high demand from the diners here. Moreover, this palace restaurant also boasts of having several Renaissance themed dining rooms adorned with classical chandeliers. As per your taste and appetite you can place order for three-course, five-course and seven-course meals and enjoy the lip-smacking and healthy cuisines right under a glistening clock.

A Peek into the Specialty of Colvenier:

The menu of Colvenier is diverse no doubt but among the items asparagus, lobster, lamb foie gras, exotic fish preparations and rich variety of desserts are the top draws.
Antwerpen Restaurants have richly contributed to enhance the appeal of the city of Antwerp. Restaurant Huts De Colvenier has played a major role in adding quality and grace to the dining ambience here. So whenever you want to Eten in Antwerpen then think about Colvenier.
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