There are so many paid applications for Android phones available, how do you know which ones are worth buying? You don’t want to lose your money if you can avoid it. At the same time not all of the free Android applications (or apps) are going to give you the results you want. So how do you select the apps that will suit you best? How do you know which applications are better than others? We chose to try out a few of the trendiest paid apps for Android phones. Here are what we consider the top paid Android applications.

Greed is an affordable paid application for Android. This app sounds like it might be designed for accounting but it is not. This app helps Android users keep track of all of their RSS feeds. For less than three bucks you will be able to integrate your Google Reader seamlessly into your Android phone. For people who enjoy reading blogs and news sites, the app will allow them to keep up with all of the latest posts and uploads to their favorite sites. You won’t ever have to worry that you are missing someone’s story or post. In addition to allowing you to read your feeds even when your phone is offline, it also helps you manage podcasts and connect to twitter. Jewellust is a favorable paid game application for the Android phone. You move around jewels, collect mosaic tiles and explore the ancient Pyramids in an attempt to find the Pharaoh’s treasure. You play in “Campaign” mode, while trying out the game. You can play in “Survival” mode once you feel like you’re becoming an expert at the game This allots you an unlimited amount of time to play and saves your score for each game you play thereafter. Game applications are a great way to help you kill time while you are stuck waiting places or when you find that you have some spare time unexpectedly.

There are some who insist that game applications shouldn’t cost anything.

For less than one dollar (at the time of this writing) you can have a bunch of fun with the Air Hockey app for Android phones. There are lots of gamers who say that it is hard to stay interested in most of the game apps available. With this game, though, who wouldn’t like to play some Air Hockey? The Air Hockey app is, quite possibly, the most popular paid game app in the Android Market. It holds its popularity even when you compare it to the free app market. It only costs ninety nine cents. Why not give it a shot?

Deciding which paid Android app is best for you can be difficult. The best thing is to figure out what you want to have to have available for your use. How could this benefit your life? These are the types of applications you should be looking for, particularly if you have the funds available. You don’t want to squander your money on applications that will be of no use to you! When the time comes to choose the top paid Android applications the ones that suit you are the apps you should buy.

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