This article is about what exactly mood ring is and also reveals the meaning of the different colors of the mood rings.
Earlier in late 70s, mood rings very extremely famous and people had an immense craze about wearing it. The concept of mood rings states that each color of the mood rings reveals different emotions. If you wear it, you will experience different mood or change in behavior by wearing different color. For example, if you try a dark blue mood ring, you will be in a good and happy mood and if after a while you change the ring to black, your mood may turn to stress or anxiousness. There is not scientific approval or accuracy for such mood rings concept but people do believe and experience different with their behavior.
If you look as per the technical point of view, you will understand how the color of the mood rings changes. In mood rings, on the top of the ring, the stone is attached which is either of liquid crystal or a transparent glass stone fitted on it. The molecules of such liquid crystals are too sensitive and hence they change their position or color in light or change in the temperature. Such liquid crystal molecules apparently affect the wavelengths of the light which are reflected or certainly absorbed by the liquid crystals. Hence, this is how the color of the mood rings changes. For instance, when you wear the ring and the temperature increases, the molecules of the liquid crustal will change its position slightly. Such change in position due to high temperature will absorb more of green or red color and it automatically reflects the blur part of the ring. In this manner, the stone color becomes dark blue which turns your mood into happiness. Similarly, when the temperature becomes low or reduces, the molecules of the liquid crystals take a turn to some other direction and hence the color of the mood rings changes.
Now, let us find out the meanings of the different mood rings colors. If the color of the mood ring is dark blue, it means a person is in a happy, passionate and romantic mood. If the color of the mood ring is simple blue, the behavior of the person would be relaxed or calm. The color green signifies average or normal mood which is good. Moreover, the color black symbolizes tired feeling, restless or stressed. Te yellow or amber color of the mood ring reveals anxiousness or nervousness. Finally, the last color grey reveals extremely nervous or anxious behavior. here, you will find meaning of various colors of the mood rings and all the details about the mood rings.

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