It is difficult to say what new phone service development will occur next with the quick adjustments to technology. But we can say that these thoughts are feasible with how telephony is going. With phone service being inextricably associated with virtual technology, phone communication will have a much more fluid meaning. Are you employing a telephone, a tablet, or perhaps a fax machine? It makes calls, takes calls, faxes, informs you of voicemail, takes care of your schedule, and basically functions like your secretary. At this time, cloud-based phone systems supply these features for business phone systems.

It is difficult to say what new phone service advancement will take place next with the fast adjustments to technology. But we can say that these thoughts are achievable with how telephony is going.

Design and innovation will be the game-changers
Presently, direct competitors in the telephony business offer the same standard service with very slight differences. The battle has been on which provider can give better technical support, the most reliable service, and the more affordable prices. We can expect innovation and design to be the new arenas for competition as phone services improve and these factors settle to almost the same quality levels. Right now, we see the battle of the hardware in the manufacturing of cell phones. So that they can be folded and twisted, mobile phone makers are experimenting with various materials to make phones with. In terms of software, we can expect users to be bombarded by apps. This over-creation will soon give way to minimalist consumption as users try to trim down their apps to the most necessary ones. On the other hand, as data moves over to the cloud, we can also expect some users not to care if they have an oversupply of apps they don’t even use. We can expect the competition among phone service providers to get more intense, in any case.

Less actual phone interaction
We can expect less calls being made for business with texting and auto-attendants. Every company will also have a website where customers can simply click on links and videos to information they need. Going further, actual customer care representatives will be replaced by simulated intelligence – imagine a sexy Siri in a virtual body.

Your phone, your life
Phone communication will have a more fluid meaning with phone service being inextricably linked with virtual technology. Are you using a phone, a tablet, or a fax machine? It makes calls, takes calls, faxes, notifies you of voicemail, takes care of your schedule, and basically acts like your secretary. Right now, cloud-based phone systems provide these features for business phone systems. In the future though, we can expect even more advanced business features. The powerful features businesses enjoy today will be the phone feature norms in the future, making these features affordable even for personal use. Your phone will be your carry-all bag housing your own personal movie theater, virtual shopping mall, radio station, and photo album. It will be an indispensable part of your life.

Seamless connection
Different types of packet data – video, audio, HTML, and others will be able to move between IMS networks with IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) being perfected. You’ll be able to access multimedia and voice applications from both wireless and wireline terminals with IMS. IMS lets you achieve full reachability. A connection can take place between various devices (phone, PC and even television) that’s connected by broadband, WiFi, WiMax, GPRS, CDMA2000, or fixed line. When you can’t be disturbed in the office, for example, it also has enhanced presence, tagging you as offline in certain devices to certain contacts. You can get the benefits of a truly advanced phone services, if you can still call it that as soon as IMS is widely deployed.

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