Up until recently, it was considered taboo to talk about the subject of women’s hair loss. It wasn’t too long ago that many women tried their hardest, to camouflage the fact that their hair was thinning (or that they were losing all of it). Not only has it become okay to talk about, there are also more treatment techniques available for women than there are for men.

Of course, finding the right way of dealing with your hair loss can be difficult. In this article we talk about some of the more traditional methods of dealing with thinning hair.

Have you tried to switch up your diet? Believe it or not, sometimes what you eat or don’t eat can play an important role in your hair growth and loss. If you discover that your hair is thinning, request that your doctor perform a physical and identify whether or not you’re missing some essential vitamins or minerals in your diet.

Do all that you can to eat healthy foods that are ample in protein and iron. Indeed, you want to eliminate fatty food and some carbohydrates. But if you work at it and make sure that your diet stays balanced, you could reduce the effects of your hair loss! Men may think they have the market cornered on hats but do they really, their choices are really limited. Ball caps are popular with the men as are newsboys caps. Women do have a much broader selction to choose from that are of course fashionable for any occassion. Have you ever worn a derby? You have nothing to lose! Hmmm, How about a top hat? Only a woman could pull that one off! How about a beret? More power to you! AAAAAH A nice french man would indeed be jealous! Didn’t you say you were looking for great reasons to accessorize more?

Quite often, Propecia is handed to men who plan to fight against hair loss. For reassurance, it is one of two medications authorized by the FDA (Rogaine is the other) who desire to regrow hair. It has not been approved by the FDA for use in women. By all means, this does not mean you are debarred from using it. Research has brought forth some favorable outcomes with this drug. The truth is, the side effects of the drug that men find upsetting (specifically the lowered libido) don’t happen for women.

There is now a great deal of discussion about women’s hair loss. You should be happy about this! This shows that people consider this an important issue, so more treatments will be sought! If you are facing hair loss, you have a number of options. Give it some thought, and discuss it with your loved ones and doctor; you’ll find the right solution!

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