An ideal holiday location is that of Whitby, situated on the North East coastline in the County of North Yorkshire with one of the prettiest harbour settings in the country.

This once busy bustling whaling port, has, over time, settled into a semi lazy relaxing harbour arena. No longer full-time fishing vessels landing their catches, no more large container ships docking to deliver their cargo and no more boatyards constructing local built fishing boats. Instead there is a relaxed air of a town nowadays concerned mainly with tourism and the most fishing from this port is the local fishing party boats and pleasure craft.

As to be expected, in a tourist based town such as Whitby, there are large sectors of accommodation available in respect of the tourism trade.One of the most popular choices for accommodation in the town is that of the Whitby Holiday Cottages.

Typically, the holiday cottages are situated all around the town.There are approximately five areas where the cottages are concentrated.The area where the majority of the older type of holiday cottages is to be found is on the East side near to the bottom of the one hundred and ninety nine steps and along Church Street including the various yards leading from there.Traditionally known as ‘fishermens cottages’, these dwellings fall into the category of quaint and cosy.Staying on the East side and moving southwards along Church Street set into the cliff side are more traditional cottages but these have the added advantage of upper harbour views.

Across the Old Swing Bridge, which spans the River Esk, and joins the two sides of Whitby, is the West side. Many of the holiday cottages are situated just off the streets of Baxtergate and Flowergate, in numerous yards and lanes.Offering the visitor the convenience of a town centre location, these traditonal or purpose-built cottages are unusual because of their unique situation and rooftop views.

The West Cliff and all around the cliff top area are home to a number of Whitby Cottages that are not, in fact, actual ‘cottages’ as such but tend to fall into that category, as well as many Whitby hotels. These may take the form of apartments, holiday flats or houses but still with the aim of offering the holiday maker self-contained holiday accommodation with the freedom that that entails. Some are well established and others purpose-built, but in this particular area, the beach is easily accessible.

Lastly, an area which contains holiday cottages is the ‘just out of town’ accommodation.Most likely these are houses or bungalows which offer a quiet location but within walking distance of the town and all the amenities. More often than not, these are second homes let as holiday accommodation to perhaps supplement an income.

The majority of holiday cottages in Whitby are let by agents who insure that guidelines are kept and as such afford some guarantee of standards.

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