Concrete is now gaining popularity as an alternative to conventional flooring materials like wood, ceramic, and natural stone. They’re versatile, cost effective and eco friendly. In fact, they can be recycled as well. Old concrete is often used to make new concrete and other road building material. Stamped concrete is often used as flooring for patios, drive ways and even as indoor flooring options.

Concrete looks attractive especially when polished to get a high gloss mirror like finish that looks like natural stone. You can choose from a wide variety of design options, colors, and patterns, and is limited only by the creativity of the person polishing it. You can also control the reflectivity of these floors. Here are some of the benefits associated with polished concrete floors.

Cost Effective: Concrete floorings are cheap when compared to alternatives like natural stone and ceramic tiles. They do not require additional resources and can make use of materials that are already on site. All that is needed is cement, water, gravel, stone and sand. Cement can take any form and shape and hence suitable for all odd shaped rooms, unlike other resources that will have to be cut to size resulting in piles of waste. Proper maintenance improves natural lighting and hence saves you on electricity costs.

Easy to Maintain: Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and hence preferred in places of heavy traffic like hospitals and offices. Simply mop or sweep the floor to clean it. Spills too can be easily wiped without the use of cleaning chemicals. Waxing the floors once every few years ensures that their shine is maintained for several years. Unlike carpets, concrete floors do not trap mold, pet dander, and other allergens and hence hygienic as well.

Eco-Friendly: Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC present in synthetic floorings and floor cleaning products are known to be harmful and carcinogenic. Hard floorings like stone and concrete are known to be healthy and safe. They neither trap moisture, nor require to be cleaned with strong chemical based cleaning agents. Unlike other materials, concrete floors do not always need admixtures. Admixtures are additives that ‘off-gas’ VOC for a long period. Professional contractors often make use of colored pigments made from recyclable materials like glass to create texture and color.

They are safe because well-polished concrete floors create friction and hence are not prone to slipping and injuries. These floors are a great way to add a touch of class and luxury.

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