Women’s hair loss happens a lot more frequently than you might think. The truth about female hair loss is that it happens close to as much as it does for men, even though men’s hair loss gets more attention about it. So why don’t you hear about it as often?

We’re not sure if there are any TV programming or commercials devoted to this condition in women. What is known at this point is there is more than one reason for a thinning hair condition seen in women. Ok, we’ll share some thoughts and facts about thinning hair in women.

First, we’d like to mention that medications that some women take will have a direct impact on her ability to keep her hair. Some simply cause hair to fall out (like chemotherapy). Also for other medications, it’s just the interaction between the drug and a woman’s chemistry that causes hair loss. But it’s not always a case of hair actually falling out. What happens is the hair growth is stopped, so it’s not a case of falling out. But the net effect is the appearance of hair loss. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Some women show signs of hair loss because of having problems with hormones. Hormones that are not in a state of balance can can any number of reactions. Things such as weight changes, or mood shifts, and of course changes in energy levels. The range of effect on hair include outright hair loss, or maybe some degree of thinning, but also an interruption in the growth cycle. Sometimes you don’t always notice these things right away, but if you do then you should consult your doctor, immediately. Of course tests can be performed on your chemistry, and then appropriate action can be taken.

Women’s hair loss is also largely due to her genetic background. It just depends on where the hair loss occurred in your family, but your doctor will be able to make a good estimation about the likelihood of it affecting you. This is a tough situation for some women because it is genetic, and nothing can be done to treat it. That’s why there’s so much frustration, plus the level of shame is very high in these conditions. There are two possibilities here, you can get expensive hair transplants that may help, or you can take measures to conceal the hair loss.

For women, hair loss and other conditions can occur for a number of reasons. You’re not alone if you are suffering from hair loss, and it’s imporant to learn more because there are some options open to you. Just as many women lose their hair as men do. You can find out what you can do about it from your family doctor. You will become empowered once you learn the whole situation and find out more.

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