Men! It’s time to tell it to you straight! If looking through your underwear drawer you cannot determine the date of the last underwear purchase odds are it’s time to shop! In 2008, of the American men surveyed, 9% indicated they’d a pair of underwear which was at least 10 years old or older. While this statistic is startling, it is scarier to imagine the thousands of other people who have underwear dating back to a lot more than Ten years.

Now that the “cat is out of the bag” it is worthwhile thinking about the psychological nature of underwear purchasing and why some men appear to cure it. In defense of the many men who may share this resistance in separating themselves using their favorite set of underwear, searching for men’s undies has certainly changed previously few years. For many men, locating the perfect set of underwear is a long road traveled. Truly, the invention of the right form, fashion and fit has resulted in the repurchase of the same type of underwear time after time.

Previously few years, mens underwear has made major shifts in the fashion industry. No more would be the “tighty whities” the most proclaimed fashion choice in mens undergarments. Today, there are many styles, colors and cuts to choose from. In fact, styles have grown to be so bold, it’s a shame that these garments are worn underneath. Regardless if you are a guy who wears boxers, briefs or somewhere in between, understanding the right styles to select from could make a big difference in making the shopping experience less daunting.

Mens Briefs

Proving ageless, men’s briefs have stood the test of your time, generation after generation. This diehard style has been on the market for a lot of decades and until recently has remained unchanged in the impact. First introduced to the market in 1935, the brief (also indicated because the jockey) offered a support to men like the jockstrap. Through the years, mens briefs have been largely considered a practical garment with little interest to fashionable style. Since the 70’s, mens briefs started to change from functional to sporty with different styles, colors and cuts.

In the past decade, we have seen a large alternation in mens fashion briefs with the introduction of new designers who have taken this once functional item and turned it into a fashionable statement for most men. Redesigned with bold patterns and designs, fashionable mens underwear is accepted by many various kinds of men that no longer associate their masculinity with what they wear underneath. Thankfully, our society has advanced enough so these styles are accepted by everyone.

Mens Boxer Briefs

Mens boxer briefs (also called tight boxers) have grown to be popular previously 2 decades for males seeking an agreement between boxers and briefs. While briefs for many men were considered too tight, boxers didn’t do much for all those wanting more frontal and thigh support. As such, the invention (some might argue the reinvention) of the boxer briefs married together a perfect mixture of form, fit and luxury. Whether made for its comfort or its looks, men’s boxer briefs are long within the leg, like boxer shorts, but tighter-fitting, like briefs. Origins of this style make considerations for the form and fit as briefs might have been to Introduced into society within the late 80’s early 90’s, Equally argued, this male underwear is an updated rendition of mid-length briefs from styles introduced in mens wardrobe in early century.


The long-lasting boxer shorts, termed after leather-belted trunks (worn by boxers) were redesigned using elastic bands, has been around since 1925. These loose fitting undergarments were adopted and became extremely popular mainly due to the elastic waist that held them up. In the past decade, the boxers have experienced resurgence in the underwear market. Ranging from the standard plaid designing to bold patterns, boxers have been updated to create more expressional statements. No longer just an undergarment, boxers are used as lounge wear and frequently shown for everyone to determine.

It isn’t About You

Remember, when looking for that perfect pair of underwear,.. men,.. it isn’t all about you! While form, fit and comfort are variables to consider, think about your lover who has to pass through your daily contact with them. Perhaps considerations in style and comfort need to be made to include the likes of those you are with. Indeed, the ones you are with may enjoy other underwear styles which you might ‘t be accustomed too. Essential to updating your wardrobe to exchange those old, torn up pairs or undies, keeping up with styles and trends also keeps you fashionable and attractive to those you’re with.

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