There is something just that little bit more special about well-made wooden baby toys. Wood is a wonderful material for use in the home. It is natural, beautiful and when used by reputable manufacturers are safe for baby toys. You can also buy wooden baby toys that are sourced from sustainable, certificated forests. This means you can do your bit for the environment when you are buying baby toys.

Educational Fun

The great thing about wooden baby toys is that they can help babies to develop key life skills. These brightly coloured, and generally safe toys are very attractive to babies and offer great ways for them to learn. Assisting with development is very important in the early stages of life. Educational wooden baby toys can help to develop skills such as focusing, colour recognition, manual dexterity and much more.

This means not only will babies enjoy these toys but they can also benefit from learning through play.

Types of Wooden Baby Toys

There are many fantastic high quality wooden baby toys on the market. These are designed specifically for babies and very young children and when purchased from reputable outlets are safe and durable. Wooden baby toys are usually decorated with child-safe paints when they are finished to a high quality. Here are just some of the wonderful wooden baby toys available to buy online:

• Bead Stations – wooden coloured beads make attractive and engaging toys for babies. Bead stations have been popular baby toys for many years now. You can find bead stations that can be used with high chairs, tables, floors, pushchairs and cribs. This provides a secure way to set up the beads so that tiny fingers can play with them without any risk of them being trapped or coming loose.

• Peg Puzzles – these basic puzzles are another firm favourite when it comes to wooden baby toys. Peg puzzles are designed for tiny fingers and the pegs make it easy for babies to lift out the pieces and replace them. Puzzle games are very important for developing a wide range of skills including problem solving, spatial awareness and manual dexterity. You can find lots of beautiful peg puzzles from farmyard animals through to numbers and letters.

• Wooden Animals – babies and young children are fascinated by animals. You can assist with shape recognition and learning with wonderful animal activity toys. Miniature wooden animals are available in all shapes and sizes. A popular choice is a Noah’s Ark style wooden toy. This features a wooden ark on wheels that can be pulled along. The Ark is then filled with soft fabric or chunky wooden animals that babies can take out and play with separately.

• Building Blocks – building blocks have been around for many years and offer great basic wooden baby toys. These blocks are often decorated with brightly coloured shapes, letters and numbers to aid with learning whilst babies play. Blocks are great for developing spatial awareness and manual dexterity skills.

There is a great selection of beautiful wooden baby toys available online now. These fantastic toys not only look lovely but are also safe for babies and can assist with developing key skills.

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